Mode-S / ADS-B discussion group

A group aimed at Mode-S enthusiasts running Mode-S-decoders like SBS-1 ... etc.
We are discussing ICAO 24bit aircraft addresses sent by ADS-B or SSR mode-S transponders.
Share your logs, tie-ups and related information here.
This group is set up as a replacement of the group.

*** This group actually consists of two groups:
mode-S : the main group, for discussing various topics
mode-S-logs: a sub group, for the posting of Logs only.

Please, do NOT post logs to the main group.

ALL individuals welcome.
If you join, please contribute to the group. Giving and taking. A lurkers and harvesters only group won't work well.

Our rules:
(1) keep postings on-topic.
(2) be polite and helpful.
(3) no advertisements, no eBay-auctions, without checking with the Admin team first.

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